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Rosita, as a brand, provides handcrafted products to a global population, primarily to boost health and secondarily to help make people aware of a higher consciousness and balance required in life and spirit. This comes from the perspective of water - the essence and energies the water holds as well as those that live in the water - bringing about health, balance, consciousness to those living on land, as well as utilising the eco-system to bring about the same to those living in the sky. 

Rosita logo vert fullThe connection of earth, sky, ocean and the connection of the creational forces in each, is important to Rosita. The company is fiercely proud of where it comes from and the ancient traditional methods that are used to be in harmony with nature.

There is a high level of care, passion and careful attention to detail that goes into producing the highest quality, premium grade products with an exceptionally rich and unique nutrient profile.

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Η Μέθοδος της Rosita?

Please enjoy the unique and pure ways of having our Rosita Extra-Virgin fish liver oils out to you globally.

We have named this The Rosita Method™.

Follow our special method from the sustainably harvested fish to the basement of our "Rosita Production House". At the same time - enjoy the pristine evironment and the special treatment we love to give our oils - and you, our customers and followers! (Click on the image for full scale view.)

As all oils may be sensitive to sunlight, temperatures and oxygen, we use an indoor environment. Our fish livers and oils are not unnecessarily exposed to oxygen - we do not tolerate bad taste, smell or rancidity. Rancidity comes from exposure to light, oxygen and temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius/ 50 degrees Fahrenheit over a certain amount of time! In fresh livers this starts already after about 5-10 minutes after sustainably harvesting the fish. For us here at Rosita, it is all about purity and a constant search for better ways of applying to the principles of nature.

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